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“tetouany.com” is a recreation site that takes into account Section 2 of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act 17 U.S.C. Section 512 (DMCA)

“tetouany.com” opens the space for any communication submitted by any party due to the copyright of the images uploaded on the site

As for the audiovisual content, the “Hikayat Hob” site does not host any content on its own servers

The content is uploaded and hosted on external servers and sites such as Openload, Youtube and other sites. All intellectual property rights belong to the original producers or channels in which this audiovisual content is broadcast

“tetouany.com” is a non-infringing copyright where it complies with the new Digital Millennium Act (MDCA)

If you have a message about the images uploaded in the site, you can contact the site management through this page (click here)

Complaints regarding the audio content (video) regarding the links (embed) and (iframe) you can communicate with the management of sites hosting the content and request removal or deletion
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